Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My kingdom possesses many natural resources for me to utilize. I mentioned the abundance of Christmas Ferns in an earlier post that I have found throughout my kingdom. Another abundance that I have at my dirty fingertips is river rock. When most people see a rock, they actually see a rock. When I see a rock or lots of rocks, I see a bench, a path, and a garden; a river rock garden.

It is my goal when creating my hosta gardens to create a landscape that is both interesting and unique. In trying to differentiate from other gardens I have utilized river rock to do just that. My river rock gardens have proven to be both interesting and unique. By utilizing some simple river rock garden rules and unique ideas, I have created several river rock gardens that have provided drama within my quiet hosta gardens.

When I began my river rock garden, I selectively chose a few huge boulders that I wanted to use as the focal point in my garden. In addition to the large boulders, I also searched and scoured the river for rocks with a natural interest like an irregular shape, color or texture.

I also added drama in my river rock gardens by adding a walkway of flat stones which ended up at the focal point of my hosta gardens. The winding river rock path takes you to various places and focal points of both my hosta gardens and river rock gardens. Remember, to keep your walking paths smooth and as level as possible to create a safe grounds. I found play sand worked well as an inexpensive method to help level my paths. I am extremely proud of the river rock bench that I put together in my river rock garden. By utilizing some simple principles and unique ideas I have created a look that has turned my kingdom gardens into a great family photo spot.

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