Thursday, August 20, 2009


Alright I admit it! I use a small garden gas tiller in my hosta gardens. The hot and humid summer months here in Ohio have made me a little lazy in regards to tending to my hosta gardens. Iquickly learned when I began my Kingdom that I needed the proper garden tools to help make my hosta gardening experience a little more pleasant. My grandmother gave me a gas tiller a few years before she passed away. The garden tool that she gave me is a tool that I use abundabtly to this day, with much enthusiasm. It is a Mantis gas tiller. Although I didn't have my Kingdom when she gave me the small garden tiller, it quickly became my favorite garden tool to use in my hosta gardens. This garden tool does the work that I don't want to do during these hot months.

Now dirt-under-your-nails gardeners, I don't want you to think that I don't get on my hands and knees to tend to my garden, however having a garden tool like the Mantis gas tiller helps me by getting through the small, narrow avenues of my garden, and at the same time mulching the area around my plants. I like this particular garden tool because it is extremely light weight and MOST importantly to me, it's easy to start unlike some of my other kingdom tools. The other factor that makes it valuable to me is that I can easily switch the blades to fit my gardening need.

I recommend a Mantis gas tiller to anyone who has a garden or a few gardens to tend. This garden tool light weight, is extremely easy to use, and best of all, allows me more time to enjoy my gardens during these dog days of summer.

If you have a favorite garden tool and would like to share, please comment. I'm always looking for tips and ideas to help me in my hosta gardens.

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