Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hosta Gardeners Frequently Asked Questions

Good morning Dirt under your nails hosta gardeners! I have been surprised by the number of hosta related questions that have flooded my email box since I started writing about my, Hosta Kingdom! Today, I am going to start my first Hosta Gardeners FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) blog. My goal is to grow a list of frequently asked hosta gardening FAQ's that you submit to me to post on my sidebar. Please remember to comment on my list if you have any hosta growing suggestions or recommendations.

Are hosta plants winter hardy?

Yes, they are amongst the more winter hardy, shade tolerant perennials. All the varieties that I have planted in my hosta gardens have survived multiple winters growing unprotected in the open. I am one of those who do not cut my hosta plants back to the surface. I do cut off the tops, somewhere above the middle, and leave the remains to act as a protector.

I am on a strict budget for my gardening. Are hosta plants expensive?

No! Typically one gallon pots that contain one or two hosta crowns sell for $5 - $6 dollars
dollars at your local gardening center. Considering these may grow in the same spot with only routine care makes them affordable. I mentioned in a previous blog that hosta plants are also called the friendly plant. So another more inexpensive method might be to ask your friends, neighbors, family members, if they have any hosta plants that they could split or share. Most often the answer is yes. One effective method that I have tried in the past is putting an ad in the local newspaper. I was shocked at the number of people who wanted me to come and, "Clean Up" their perennial gardens. hosta plants are not expensive.

What’s the big deal about hosta plants? All I see are some green plants with white edges next to my neighbor’s garage.

There have been more than 4000 varieties of hosta plants introduced over the years. There is a tremendous variety from large to small and with green, golden, or variegated leaves and with sizes ranging from four feet high and six feet across to tiny ones right at home in a teacup. There may be more variety in hosta plants than in any other plant group. I have a few favorites that I will share in another blog.

Do Hosta plants require much maintenance?

This is one of the reasons that I began my Hosta Kingdom. Hostas require very little maintenance beyond dividing the perennial clumps every three or four years as needed. Pests can be a problem. Refer back to some organic pest control suggestions that I made in a previous blog.

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