Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get Out of My Hosta Garden Deer

I mentioned in a previous blog how the hosta plant is also called the, “Friendly Plant” as a result of friends, family members, and other hosta gardeners sharing their hosta plants. Unfortunately, it might also be called the, “Friendly Plant” for another reason, PESTS!

Hosta plants are extremely vulnerable to attack. They seem to be particularly attractive to deer, snails, and slugs. In this blog I will give you the method that has worked for me throughout the past five years on how to rid your hosta garden of deer.

Because my Kingdom is shared by many species, I quickly learned that hosta plants were not deer resistant. As a matter of fact, after doing a little research, I learned that the hosta plant was one of the deer’s first menu choices. Lucky me!

Since I am not a hunter and all wildlife species are welcome at my Kingdom, I quickly researched safe methods to save my hosta gardens. One suggested option I found, (but not used by me) was to soak the hosta plants with commercial deer repellant sprays. The best choices were said to have a high concentration of putrescent egg solids as their main active ingredient, like Deer Off, Deer Repellent Urine, and Liquid Fence. I have used Liquid Fence in the winter months for my pine trees, another delicious treat for deer, and it did work. Another option was to spread Deer Scram around your garden or even use hot sauce to ward off the attackers.

The method I use is a cheap, safe, and effective alternative to those other options. I use the delicious smell of Irish Springs Soap to keep the deer away from my hosta gardens. I simply place a bar of the odoriferous treat in an old cut off panty hose and hang it on a pole in proximity to the plants. Guess what…IT WORKS! In the past four years, I have not had one hosta leaf eaten or chewed on by the deer.

If you have any safe, easy to use, economical methods that have worked for you to get rid of the deer, please post a link to let me know and I will publish it.

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